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Happy Pico Day!

2009-05-01 08:24:13 by Moosh

Happy Pico Day!

...okay I'm way too tired to talk right now...I'll explain later about the whole Pico RPG thing. To keep things short, Life kept me way fucking busy (graduating this year and such) and so Pico RPG has been delayed. I WILL MOST LIKELY FINISH AND RELEASE IT BEFORE NEXT YEAR AS A REGULAR SUBMISSION.

Please guys...i'm so fucking tired...please forgive me that I wasnt able to finish Pico RPG for Pico day...i'll give you guys a post about it in detail later...but me need sleep now...


In the mean while, please enjoy this offering to you guys:
NG's Finest

It's my backup Pico Day game...because I didn't have time to do the other one.
(Btw, Happy birthday Tommy :3)

Domo arigatou gozaimasu! <3

2008-10-06 19:19:29 by Moosh

Thank you everyone!

This may seem like it's coming out of nowhere (which it is), I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who have appreciated my work :)

Even if I don't respond all the time, I read every comment, review, private message, post and email. Every word of encouragement motivates me everyday through both work and life and I am grateful.

That's all! You guys are awesome!

If I ever meet any of you, let's share a meal of grilled cheese and cheese cake :D <3

- Moosh

(EDIT: The four "date-able" chicks for Pico RPG. I hope at least one fits your fancy xD)

Domo arigatou gozaimasu! <3

I'm...producing products?(!)

2008-06-24 14:59:16 by Moosh

Alright guys, let me explain my situation. I currently have 5 projects in the works (maybe 6...).

Q) What the hell Moosh. Why don't you just stick with one and finish it instead of leaving us hanging?
A) I have something like PADD (Project Attention Deficit Disorder). As I work on a project, I'll eventually get bored with one, then I'll move onto another one. However! Once I get bored with that project, I go back to the old project. So I slowly get things done that way.

Q) Okay...Well if that's how you do your business, then when will they be finished?
A) Eventually. (Hopefully...)

Here's a list of my projects. Guys! I really want to know what you think. Please tell me if you think I should focus on one of these projects more:


- Pico RPG (Game)
- Status: 65%-ish [On hold for Pico Day 2009]
- Notes: This game is basically going to be like Pico Sim Date 3 with everything the previous games had but with more awesome and polish. Also, the story will change depending on whether you want to focus on your job or dating a certain girl or becoming the greatest Flash Blammer/Portal Warrior of the NGWorld. (Read my previous posts for more information)


- Experimental (Game)
- Status: 30% [Currently in the Works]
- Notes: Ever wonder what would happen if you put hair growth formula on your pet? Well now you can do something like this in this game! You start out with a chemistry kit and a blob-like pet. You'll have to journey through the forest picking up ingredients in which you use those ingredients to make potions. However, you don't know what those potions do, so you experiment it on your pet and see what happens!
- Previews: Pet // World // Shop 1 // Shop 2


- Moosh Anime Tutorial - Overdose (Game/Interactive)
- Status: 25% [PADD]
- Notes: Everything "Moosh Anime Tutorial 2" didn't have: Clothing, Lower body, maybe even hands. I'm only doing this because I've been getting so many responses like "Why didn't you add this? Or that in the tutorial?".
- Previews: Picture


- The Legend of the Super Errand Boy (Game)
- Status: 45% [PADD]
- Notes: I just have to work on a few more levels for this game which just happen to include hacking computers and defusing bombs. Just like what a normal office errand boy would do. (Read my previous posts for more information)
- Previews: Intro SS // The Errand Boy


- Lucid Episode 1 (Original Anime Series)
- Status: 60% [Currently in the Works]
- Notes: Hehe I'm actually getting really into this. I've got the whole story for the series worked out and I just need to animate it all now. Also, gotta find some voice actors. (Read my previous posts for more information)
- Previews: Sketchy Action Scene


Q) Why don't you like us Moosh? You don't respond very much to your comments...
A) I'm sorry guys, I don't mean to give you the wrong idea. I really love you guys! I just prefer private conversations than publicly seen ones :P If you really need a response from me, feel free to Private Message me and I will get back to you.

Okay, until next time. Cya! Again please tell me what you guys think! I'm very much interested :D

I'm...producing products?(!)

Whoops -_-

2008-05-20 13:41:33 by Moosh

Ah alright, I gotta go to school in literally 5 mins so look at these and I might explain them later.

More Areas

Whoops -_-

Ah shit...

2008-05-01 13:05:25 by Moosh

Okay yeah I know...

I didn't make Pico RPG in time. And yeah...I know I've been taking you guys for granted and haven't posted a SINGLE THING on this project since ever so I'll start now (Please don't hurt me -_-)

Up til now, I'm about 70% done everything. This includes:

- Multiple countries in NGWORLD to travel around
- Multiple jobs with different stories attached to each one
- The secret customizable thing (This is not clothing)
- Battle system
- ETC. (I seriously just don't want to reveal everything)

If I had rushed this, it would have been worse that Pico Sim Date 2's rush. So please bare with me. I had a few life problems I had to deal with so I really couldn't help this. Plus thnx to Newgrounds, I have been trying to get used to drawing with a tablet :D

Anyways I'll give a few screenshots of the game later, I have to get back to school in like 10 minutes :P For now, I'll leave you guys with this 2 second preview: iew.html

(PS I might actually release this before Pico Day 2009...or should I keep perfecting it until then? Of course I'll be working on other games too)

Ah shit...

Pico RPG 2008

2008-01-05 13:30:14 by Moosh

(I'm being totally serious now, unlike my last post xD)

Anyways, yes I already know it's a pretty simple name, no shit like "Pico RPG :: The Rise of Cassandragon" or whatever but it very clearly defines what I'm doing. It's a "Game" where you're "Playing" the "Role" of "Pico" in this Newgrounds world. (RPG = Role Playing Game).

Though I think I can better describe it as "Pico Sim RPG" but that's just weird. Think of it like a mix between "The Sims" and any RPG game like Final Fantasy. Either way, because I'm not 18 and clearly cannot draw anything "revealing" that you would see in any other sim date without feeling like I'll be arrested and such, I have decided not to make a 3rd Pico Sim Date. There will be those people complaining (not everyone but some people) if I did make a pornless sim date (again) and thus lowering my chances of making this game as awesome as I would like it.

Sooo, this is indeed "Pico Sim Date 3" in disguise! There are alot of things you would find in a sim date here, just without the porn and because this is an "RPG" there isn't a need for porn! Problem solved! Though, it's a completely different story, but not like any of you care, right?

Okay...One thing I must say, is that I have high aims for this game. Sorta like this was the game I was born to make. Lol well not really but I aim to hopefully make this at least "Pico Sim Date 1/2" x25 better. So I'll be working hard on this one.

I cannot reveal any details at this moment but I will say this: It will have everything that the previous Sim Dates had (except the clothing system) but super improved with some other shit. Bugless too if I have time for beta testers.

Lastly, any comments/suggestions you would like to make in this Moosh Pico Project 2008, please do share. I am all ears. Any other updates for this game is bound to happen, but I really have no clue when.

(Oh I also have a very early preview but I'll save it for later :)

Pico RPG 2008

Some depressing stuff...

2007-12-15 18:44:26 by Moosh

Okay guys, I've been doing some serious thinking on the whole "Pico Sim Date 3" thing since alot of you are asking me to do it. So I thought about it and actually, I've got some ideas together and I was like "Hmm...I really should do it!".

So I went over to NG Downtown and found Pico and asked him if he was able to do it once again was rejected... (I screenshoted our convo on the end of this).

Apparently he doesn't want to do it because it's been cramping his "Killer Kid" look. So yeah...I tried guys, but It won't be happening... I can't really do it without the star of the game. I'm really sorry guys...

Also, I'm not really supposed to talk about this but I just can't really ignore it... Wics has some news...I hope that some of you will support her especially for the holiday season...

Some depressing stuff...

Late Update

2007-10-27 13:49:25 by Moosh

Heh okay for anyone who cares I've found out something!
I'm too lazy to do anything anymore!!

Seriously...this is the progress report on anything I'm doing...

Lucid Episode One // 7%
Pico Sim Date 2 :: The End // 12%

The legend of the super errand boy // 15%
Pico Sim Date 3 // It'll never happen...

After realizing this, I will try again! I might get distracted because of Phoenix Wright 3 but I'll try to work alittle more for you guys :D

Also here's a pic... (Promo poster for a new sim date or just another boredom pic?)

Late Update


2007-10-03 18:06:37 by Moosh

Geez now that I think about it more...that seems alot o_o

Hehe <3


Project Announcement

2007-09-10 13:31:24 by Moosh

Alright, to sum up my current situation (for those who care), I'll be focusing on two projects: "Lucid (Anime Series)" and a new game called "The Legend of the Super Errand Boy" ("Super Errand Game" for short).

Super Errand Game will be a quick game which I will give details about shortly. The reason why I've chose to do something like this is because...I need game sponsorship soon as possible. See this is what happened. One day, on complete impulse, I purchased the new PC game called "Bioshock". Completely aware of it's demanding graphics, I still thought that my computer could run it...and I was sorely mistaken. Now I need money to upgrade my computer to play this game, and that's how the idea for this flash came to me.

For Lucid, I'm doing it sorta on the side...for Wics lol (Iunno why haha don't ask) :P There's info about Lucid in a previous post which you can check out for details.

// The Legend of the Super Errand Boy

Meet Otsukai Yamamoto (prefers to be called "Kai"). The hyper spirited, cute-faced 16 year old. He is no ordinary boy though...he is a boy with a special power...a power to do any job given to him no matter what. Of course, he's still learning and needs you, the player, to help him out in his new job as an office errand boy.

Haha basically the game's objective is to finish the 10 office errands that are given to Kai successfully. Of course, they are not just any ordinary office errands which include stealing documents, performing surgery and defusing a bomb. There's also a stupid corky story line that follows hehe.

Hmm...that's about all the info I'll reveal for now ^_^ I'll maybe show a bit on the gameplay later. But for now, Cya! ~

Project Announcement