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It got me laughing at some points but the rest was a bore. Your drawings are ok but not the best. I liked half of it so i guess it only wasted 2 minutes of my life...

A little chuckle

It was good for a small laugh but thats practically all. Maybe bashing the viewer with just a little more jokes would raise the score.

Simple with a boost

Your characters could use just a little more detail (I mean there was like 2 colors used) but having the ability to animate so smoothly has gotten you to a level way surpassed average. The idea was very original, i've never seen a bunny fall in love with a cat. The music was fit so snug into the movie. I would definently take the effort to see more of your productions.

Amazingly Enhanced

Amazing! I've seen the first version of this and watching this is a great shock. The movements of the characters were realistic. If it were acted out by real people, I wouldn't see a difference except the part where it is cartoon. Keep this up and you may be running alongside television!

Sweet but needs more sugar

Firstly, that was definently too short. Well maybe ok for small idea. The 'Choose The Ending' feature was a nice touch but more would be better for such a short movie. Improve your ideas and brainstorm a storyline, in my opinion. You have a nice yet 'strange' sense of humor.

Needs work

A teaser or trailer is supposed to 'attract' possible viewers. You've lost me as one of those viewers. Your art is in the middle of crap and gold but you've got to do something other that motion tweening. I know that frame by frame is a difficult task but no pain no gain right?

Adored it

That's crazy! I am a big fan of Anime but that's not the only thing I liked about it. You have great artworking skills. Using them in animation would make the results stunning! Though the coloring was not the best. Plain color and shading is ok but lighting and more depth in the eyes would be better. One last thing. This is a tutorial, slow it down for the viewers to actually learn it better. Making lines appear suddenly on the screen isn't the best teaching method.

A nice kick of something new

Wow. Loved the madness. It was a cup of the old madness stlye polished with some crazy effects. If the next one were to make this look like nothing, I can only imagine.

I will eat your face.

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