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Redesign // Ai-kon 2007 // Overload

2007-07-17 21:25:10 by Moosh

Okay...I can't keep calm!! REDESIGN LOOKS FREAKING SEXY :D !! And this personal blog...oh yes...it feels very good inside...like a tingling feeling....I wanted to post my first news on the day of the redesign so I quickly scrapped my page up but still needs alot of work (ignore the header and pictures for now :P)

Anyways, I will definitely use this awesome feature semi-frequently. Maybe a post every 1-2 weeks. Depends on my laziness levels. For those of you who are actually interested in my stuff, I'll be posting about the status of my projects and maybe some personal life info. And for those who just strayed in here, you're welcome to stay but I'm not keeping you in :P

Alright...here goes nothing...

[Flash Related]

Currently, I have two personal projects, one game (called "Experimental") and a movie/series. My website isn't updated to show this but there isn't much to show anyways, meaning I barely started on them :P I'll show alittle more on these later on. I'm also participating in the NG BBS "Anime Collab" and making a little part for it based on "Samurai Champloo".

Also, for those complaining about the lack of an ending for Pico Sim Date 2...hang on there for a while longer because a movie "Pico Sim Date 2 :: THE END" is also in production :)

I actually have some more side projects but I don't feel like mentioning them at the moment. In summary, I'm flash overloaded...

[Life Related]

Anyone live in Manitoba, Winnipeg? Just wondering because I'm going to the Ai-kon Anime convention for July 27-29! :D It's a long shot, but if any of you are going too, then it would be awesome if you say so :) You'll find we walking around as "L" from Deathnote semi-cosplaying him :P

- Anyways, Cya for now!

Redesign // Ai-kon 2007 // Overload


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2007-07-17 21:50:06

I went the last two years, but I don't have the money this time. Might have to settle for the Chibi-con.


2007-07-19 21:42:35

OMG You are awesome lol, but seriously thanks for everything you've ever submitted to NG, CUZ I LUV IT! Anime rules ya know? Anyway good luck on those new series cant wait to see em =) Also, hope you enjoy Ai-kon i always wanted to go there.


2007-07-20 14:03:20

Death Note rulz!!! Have you seen all the Anime episodes yet?

Moosh responds:

Heh yup. All the way up to its "good end" :P Though I've heard there's going to be two special episodes, can't wait for those :)


2007-07-21 14:25:04

Wait wait wait...2 special episodes? Where is this from? When can we see them?BTW the ending made me feel bad for Light...

Moosh responds:

I read about the special episode here: http://deathnote7.com/

It doesn't say there's two but I remember reading about that somewhere else. I'm not sure though.

Hehe and yeah I agree about the ending...Though I kinda wanted it to end like that because he uses so many people in an evil way like Misa and Takada etc.


2007-12-14 04:47:26

Lol nice when I was thinking of going to anime convention I was gonna go as L too....

I'll probably go as mugen now tha L is taken tho.. lol