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Comments (20)

cool man

Nah, YOU cool man :3

Whaaaa I didnt even think there would be any more

Oh you better believe it! <3

Supplies have been dispatched.

Much needed <3

yeah man this is fucking awesome i always wanted a dating game themed after a school shooting

Nothing more romantic right? Haha

Oh the years... I played this game from start to the end of the demo. Many times....

Oh man... maybe one day you will see the full thing :D <3

Whoa. Shit looks complicated. Nice work, so far.

Only negatives so far: No love for small boobs, and no butt. I'm a butt guy. >:(

Haha thanks man! We'll find a way to get those butts in <3

Excellent man

Thanks dude :D <3

Great to see that you're still active and giving the fans updates.

Hahah thank you. I try my best to keep you guys update :)

Omg im literally gonna cry, I literally CANT wait!! I've been holding out for this for sooooo long lol Thank u so much Moosh, Godspeed! :D :D :D

Dude imma cry too... thanks so much for the love <3

Back in 2015 I believe I played this and I loved it so much. The characters were awesome and the teachers we're perfect! I seriously want to play this full version!

Haha thanks so much! I promise, it'll come :D

Man, I remember you were making flashes since I was literally just a kid. Now's what, 12-13 years later and you're still at it. Was really hoping you really didn't completely abandon everything during your hiatus. Tried to follow you back a couple years back too. Good stuff man.

Also, you were releasing updates and God builds in 10$T on Patreon - are you going to keep it when you do release the full game? (The God builds or extras, that is)

Hahah wowww.. that's such a long time ago... thanks for being there man :)

Ahh God Mode will probably be only available for those people, but the game will obviously be available for everyone :D

This is pretty awesome. I loved the first two when I was young, looking forward to another!

Thanks so much! I hope you will enjoy it <3

Can't wait for more updates!
(Also can't help but notice 5 hearts but "strangers" on the first picture)

Oh hey good spot! You'd make a good game tester :D

Brother, even if everyone (mostly) care about ya for this game, I still wish that you could make some other more awesome games after this. But for now, I shall support your development on this.... even if I have no money to do so.

Dude... I would totally love to continue doing this. It's literally what I love to do <3 Just having you say those kind words is support enough man, thanks so much <3

Holy shit. The mad lad is still at it. Fucking keep going at it dude, you're amazing

OH I WILL KEEP GOING. Just cuz you told me to <3
Thanks so much man :D

Freak'n Awesome Dude!!! :3

Nahhhh, you freak'n awesome dude :D <3

Please do!

I was waiting since 2016 when i played for the first time ♥

Dude, you're an absolute mad lad! This is awesome! I'm really hopeful and excited for the development and update, dude! Keep up the awesome work!