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We're making sex games! <3

Posted by Moosh - April 13th, 2019

Hey guys!

We did it, we finished our first month! I'm not gonna lie, it was very terrifying to return back to making games and a lot of this month was figuring shit out. But everyone's been so warm and welcoming that I really couldn't have done this without you... so thank you so much~ Now let's got into it:

The porting of the game to Unity meant a few big questions needed to be answered before we get into making the game for real:

  • What's the new HD art style for our larger resolution?
  • Can we do animations with Unity and have sex scenes?
  • What kind of work will be needed for the port?

I was able to answer the first two questions with the Mona Character Tests. The videos that go in-depth of this process can be found here: Character Art / Unity Animation.

In-short, the original game was 850x550px, so we needed to up-rez a lot of art to get it to HD. And with the new Character Animations we are planning, it was inevitable we needed to remake our girls. Here are some of the new redesigns:




Another big addition we wanted to have in the game was interactive Hentai Sex Scenes. We did some tests on animation and interaction with our Bree Climax Demo:



Animated version here: https://imgur.com/a/oqSxVaQ

I was also planning to post a Devlog video of the progress of the Unity Port (including the code behind-the-scenes), but unfortunately didn't have time. But it will be the next thing on the list.

We still have lots to do, but we're getting there!!

Much luv~ <3

- Moosh



Comments (12)

That is amazing! I love the new art =D Glad to see everything is going well =3 can't wait to see where this is going from now on =D YOU CAN DO IT! I already thought that the release from 3 years ago was amazing, and I am sure you will blow EVERYONES MIND with the finished product one day x3 Keep up the good work, I am looking forward for what is to come =D

Awww thanks so much! All the positive vibes help!! I will definitely do my best~ <3

looks good
please eat all our faces

I'm very picky with the faces I eat, but yours looks pretty delicious <3

ya new art style just literally turn a loli into big boobs lmao
cool stuff

LOL just trying to keep up with the times, big boobs are in now haha

Looking promising! The new style looks... taller? :P Definitely more grown-up. Polished. Old ones weren't bad either though! Looking forward to where this goes.

Yeah it's been a while since the last release so.. maybe it's fitting they grew up? Haha thanks man :D

New art looks great, and the character designs are super cute. Can't wait to see your future projects, looking forward to all the sexy sexy games! x3

Awww thank you! Looking forward to more from you too~ ;) <3

<insert joke about coming a long way>

There's a bit of charm to the older versions, but the new art looks much cleaner! What Cyberdevil said, looking forward to where this goes.

Hahah eeyyyyyy~ Thanks man! :D

New Arts are Very good.
But... Who's Second image's Girl?
I think She's Not Appeared in Pico sim date <3's Demo Version.

Haha thank you! It's a girl covered in bandages.. who possibly knows a boy made of meat haha

excellent I cant wait for the game to finally come out

Haha we'll get there eventually!

Keep up the great work, moosh! <3

Thank you! I'll do my best <3

Everything looks great!

Thanks man! <3

I love the art, the girls, the playthrough, go on m8!

Man its crazy. I just came back on newgrounds after years. I was maybe 14 and im 24 now. Time flies yo and Im you are back .P.S I even wanted to get a pico tattoo.