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Hello peoples!

So apparently MatPat & Stephanie of The Game Theorists fame played Pico Sim Date <3 live last week! Despite the game misbehaving at certain points, it was fun (and embarrassing) to watch it being played in front of 20k people live!

Cool to see a little #Newgrounds out there <3

You can watch the live recordings here (they somehow made it SFW lol):


As for a quick life update, it's kinda weird but my old status post is still pretty relevant (even if it's a year old haha). It's hard to keep up with everything here when you've gotta be an adult 24/7 -__-;;

I still work on games and such on the side, but it can get pretty hard. Maybe you can even catch me streaming some of it here!: On Twitch.Tv -- Channel: ohsozetta

I've been reading loooots of feeback on the game, and it's kinda getting me excited to go beyond what I initially had in mind for it. So to be honest, I really don't know what I should do! So the status on the game is probably... unknown o__o;; I'll have to think on that for a bit longer..

But 'til next time, much luv <3

Streaming GameDev!

2015-04-29 23:15:39 by Moosh

Hey guys!

I'm going to try to stream some game development tonight. First time I've ever done this before, so I can guarentee you a shitty experience ;)

Feel free to hop in if you want :)

(Also, excuse my fugly mug)


You can find the channel here: On Twitch.Tv -- Channel: ohsozetta

If you'd like a quick update on how things have been since my last post, please check out my quick post.

[EDIT] ---

Thanks to anyone who took a quick peek! And thanks to pkallmember for the suggestions for the game during the stream as well! :)

Due to my technical inadequecies, there were a few difficulties, but I'll try to figure those things out for next time. I'm hoping maybe RiceKappa will join me maybe :)


Thank you :)

2015-04-29 10:58:10 by Moosh

Ohai guys!

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone here on Newgrounds, especially to those who took the time to check out my profile and read my updates. It's you guys that really make me feel like there's a purpose in the things I do. Seriously, thank you.

Newgrounds is an amazing part of my life (which sounds so fucking weird everytime I think about it). This place allowed me to grow and hone my skills. And with all the support and feedback from everyone here (even the bad ones), I was able to keep going. Like I mentioned, Tom, the creator of this site, gave me the tools to keep going. He just gave some random kid on the internet a Wacom Tablet... like seriously, who does that!


As for my rumored death, I really was dead, metaphorically. I've been a full-time adult since the time of my last post, which meant responsibilities and all that shit. Meaning, my dreams had died haha. It's as simple as that.

But after choosing to get back at "indie" game development (I don't know if Flash games is really considered indie haha), it's really making me feel like my life has purpose. So to keep things short, I'm slowly getting back at it (Flash and more).


To help ease back into game development, I've decided to try streaming some of it on Twitch. You can find my GameDev Channel Here. It's super bare right now, but please feel free to join me whenever I get online :) (probably at my time, Pacific Standard Time PST after work).

Until next time! Much luv <3


Monthly Update :D

2012-05-13 09:17:37 by Moosh

Ohai guise, I don't have any real news, but I just wanted to give a general monthly report :) Although, I'm gonna try to post some progress maybe bi-weekly or so from now on. (I also usually post something on #screenshotsaturday every week :D).

This month's been super busy for me, so there's not as much progress as I would've liked, but progress nonetheless! I don't really like to go into details about my life, but I will say, that adult routine life SUCKS. Half my day is spent brain-dead doing the same thing I did the day before, and the other half I'm too tired to do anything else and resting for the next day.

So if you guys have the luxury of following your dreams, SERIOUSLY, DO IT. Remember kids, you have your whole life to decide what to do with it, but only what's left to actually live it.

Anyways! Here's the list:


"The Sensei"

Status: [Current Project] [56% Completed]
Screenshots: Town Field // Class Leveling // The Sensei // Random Map Generator // Buildings// Clan Village // Some Classes


"Wittria" - (also know as: "What it Takes to Ruin it All")

Status: [Secondary Project]
Screenshots: Wittria // Executive // Genius // Sleep // Delete


"Bang" (Working Title)

Status: [Ludum Dare Project]
Screenshots: Draw// Hungry// Plants

I also "silently" participated in my first Ludum Dare and this was the result. Although, I figured out that 48 hours is hard as fuck to finish a game in, so I didn't actually finish the game but I'm probably gonna keep adding onto it. Probably even gonna show it to some people to see what they think I can add (because I really have no clue what to do with it... xD)


So that's it! I'm gonna go nap right now so I can savor what's left of this weekend before I'm back to routine... So I hope you are all happy and go live your life! :D

- Much Luv <33

Monthly Update :D

Your plan to destroy humanity...

2012-04-04 00:52:04 by Moosh

If you could literally do anything to end all life on Earth, how would you do it?

"Would you rig yourself into becoming the President and force World War 3 to happen? Or would you learn the ancient arts of the Necronomicon and summon a dark deity that would ravage humanity through horrific terror? Or how about become the CEO of the most addicting fast food chain and spreading your shit food through out the world, causing everyone to die from extremely high-cholesterol-induced heart attacks?"

My personal favorite is hi-jacking the orbiting satellites of Earth and sending out a microwave signal to attract a super-species of aliens to invade and annihilate all living creatures of the world. It would be cool to see if Reapers do exist :3 (Just kidding, I still haven't played Mass Effect 3 so please don't spoil it for me! D:)


So what would you do? Do you know What It Takes To Ruin It All?

Screenshots: Wittria // Executive // Genius // Sleep // Delete


Your plan to destroy humanity...

A Quicky and the Pico Project

2012-03-20 00:28:06 by Moosh

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who posted really supportive comments on my last post. Seriously... It has really lifted both my spirit and motivation... Thank you <33

With that said, I don't want to take too much of your time, so for those who were interested, I'll just quickly run down the games I've been working on since I got my computer back. I plan to finish things now so I'm only working on two major projects. That and I'm working on a fun little thing with EmptyGoddess (who will also do awesome custom pixel artwork for you for cheap!) which I hope you guys will enjoy :) Also... I have news about a "Pico Project" for those who liked the Pico Sim Date series, so skip everything else if you just want to know about that.

(Oh and also I now have a twitter! If you want to see constant updates, I plan to tweet more progress on these projects :D)

1) ------------------------------

"The Sensei"

You take the role of a "Sensei" of a clan as you must train and teach your students wisely, slowly growing an unstoppable army for power in Feudal Japan. As you choose how they train, they grow by raising their individual strength, dexterity or spirit. Choose wisely however, because your students will grow specifically to what you teach them and into specialized job classes.

While your army grows, you also build your clan town, where you can build facilities in which they can learn from, such as dojos or temples. In order to fund your town-building, you send out your men on missions to earn coin, however you have be smart on who you send. You don't want to send a clunky samurai to do sneaky espionage or a pacifist monk into a heated battle zone. This game is a test of leadership and wise decisions to how awesome of a Sensei you would be.

Screenshots: Town Field // Class Leveling // The Sensei // Random Map Generator

(BTW, does anyone want their name in the game? You can be one of the students :3 It can be anything vaguely name-sounding like "Moosh" as long as it's not something like "SuperNaruto420" or some shit like that.)

2) ------------------------------

"Wittria" - (also know as: "What it Takes to Ruin it All")

So, if you hated the world enough to want to destroy it, how would you do it? Would you rig yourself into becoming the President and force World War 3 to happen? Or would you learn the ancient arts of the Necronomicon and summon a dark deity that would ravage humanity through horrific terror? Or how about become the CEO of the most addicting fast food chain and spreading your shit food through out the world, causing everyone to die from extremely high-cholesterol-induced heart attacks?

Well in Wittria, your only goal is to do just that, and to learn What it Takes to Ruin it All. Of course, destroying the world is no easy task, and there is much much more to this game than that. All I will say is that I like to think of this game as "a Simulation of Evil".

Screenshots: Wittria // Executive // Genius // Sleep // Delete

3) ------------------------------

The "Pico Project"

So it still amazes me that people still ask me about Pico RPG (AKA Pico Sim Date 3)... And I want to show my appreciation to the fans of the series by making another one... but the thing is... I forgot what the first two games were about... XD

It's also due to the fact that it was a game heavily based on Newgrounds, and I have been out of touch with Newgrounds for a while now... So then I thought "Hey, maybe these guys can help me out!".

So here's my plan! How about we try out the new "NG Project System" and make the new Pico Sim Game together? :D Of course, I will end up doing most of the work anyways but all I'm really asking is to see if anyone would like to help write scenarios, dialog, characters etc. So really, anyone who is interested and has an imagination would be able to join. (I also wouldn't mind help with backgrounds and such though).

So does that sound cool? .... I'm actually not sure... XD If it does sound interesting to you, please send me your thoughts and we'll see how things go. But seriously..... I'm really not sure about this haha... XD


Okay, so this really isn't a quickie, but whatever. I don't think I have much more to say right now so I'll just leave this as it is for now. Again, if you want more updates, just follow me on twitter and please tell me what you think!

- Much Luv <3333

A Quicky and the Pico Project

The Truth

2012-02-29 04:30:41 by Moosh

Hey guys,

So... It's been a while, I know... There's probably not that many people that really care anymore, but for those that actually do, you guys deserve the truth.

No, I'm not dead nor did I kill myself (which some people think for some reason x_x"). It's not as extravagant as that.


The reason I've been gone for so long was that, I had to move to another city by myself for school, and I could only bring a few of my things (whatever could fit on a one-way airplane trip). Because of that, I had to leave my computer behind, and I was pretty much left alone in this big city with just clothes and food money. Without my computer, it's pretty hard to work on anything, let alone go on the internet....

So when I finally could come back online months after, there were so many emails, PMs and messages that I just couldn't really respond to all of them... @_@.

I felt so horrible for those who've tried to contact me without any response... and I thought that maybe I should just hope that no one remembers me and eventually I'll just become something of the past... I know there's so many people that hate me right now...

But I kept on receiving messages. Emails and messages from some of the most supportive and amazing people, whom never failed to lift my spirits (... and yes, I have read them all). And I knew that I shouldn't hide anymore and the very least I could do was provide the truth.


I know it's probably only 2 or 3 people that really care at this point, but to those 2 or 3 people... you are fucking awesome, and I want you to know that. I cannot thank you enough.

So that's pretty much it... I just hope I didn't cause too much trouble...


2009-12-27 19:22:54 by Moosh

The School Tool can now be used past the year 2009 (which I had to fix after a few people pointed it out to me). Please try it out for the incoming 2010 school year ^^ Oh and I added a few new relaxing music tracks <3

(If you don't see the changes yet, you gotta wait before NG updates the flash :)


After requests for another, I will be releasing another art tutorial. In the first 2 tutorials I have made, it was all about how to draw and cell-shading. This time around, it'll be about the right colors and how to use them (includes how to do hair and clothing :3)

If you guys have any specific questions you would like to ask me, ask it here and I shall answer, and put it in the FAQ :)

Much luv <3


....Oh crap.

2009-12-09 07:43:12 by Moosh

[6:40:41 AM] Moosh: ...if the future contains any scientist that study flatulence as a's a future i do not want to be a part of
[6:40:58 AM] Jabbi: You're already too late then.


[6:46:33 AM] Moosh: ...
[6:46:39 AM] Moosh:'re joking...right? xD
[6:46:43 AM] Jabbi: Nope.
[6:46:49 AM] Jabbi: I wish I was.
[6:47:24 AM] Jabbi: 5813.stm

God, help us all.


2009-11-25 16:53:41 by Moosh


I hate it sometimes... Sometimes it makes you do both amazing and terrible things. I ended up becoming something completely horrid and I've been trying to repent for what I've done ever since.

I was talking to my friend one day and she said that "Even if you hate love, when things go well we can't live without it"... And it made me think about things... I'm starting to pick up the pieces of my life back and restarting from what I learned.

So that's why I wasn't around for so long, in a nutshell XD People were wondering about it so I guess it's about time I updated lol.

Sorry if I haven't responded to the pms, comments, emails etc. I just had too much on my mind at the moment... But I'm going to try and start replying to any questions you guys have <3



In attempt to get my mind off things, I started practicing art again. I went around the net, and when I found an artist I particularly liked, I studied and learned one thing, and made a picture with what I learned.

I'm submitting all the art I made this way under "showcase". They're all in the Art Portal right now, so check 'em out ^^

Anyways, I'm going to continue that. Hopefully I can use these new skills to make some nice games for you guys :3 Maybe I'll make a proper update post later too XD

See ya!